A single game will last anywhere from two to four hours and as an official you don’t have breaks during the game, only a short breather at half time, which maybe as little as 10 minutes.  So, taking for granted that endurance is important, other aspects of fitness such as agility and quickness are also required.  

To measure yourself as “fit” can you stay active and keep your concentration at a high level for the two to four hours?  Can you arrive to a spot on the field where you are in position to see and   “make the call”?  Are you able to do two games back to back (Double Header) on a single night or string together a full weekend of assignments starting Friday night with a double header and continuing into Saturday and Sunday with more double and triple headers?  

Most of our members are physically able to do this and once you get into the season you will find that being a football official is almost as good as joining a fitness club.