Question: Where in Edmonton can I buy Refs gear for football?

Answer: The gear for the Officials in Edmonton is ordered from Honigs online, so I do not know where you can get it in town. If you know an official in town, maybe you can borrow one from them. Sorry about the lack of help. The Ref

Question:I have a question about snaps from the line of scrimmage. Does the quarterback have to be directly behind the center.  Or can the quarterback be offset and the ball snapped at a 45 degree to the line of scrimmage.

Answer:The centre must put the ball into play by "snapping" it between his legs in one continuous motion in the direction from toe to heel. Where the ball actually ends up is up to the centre, it can go straight back or to the left or right, it all depends on the skill of the centre. For all trick plays I encourage you to check with the Officials at the field, explain the play fully to them and the can give you a ruling, before you try it in a game. Hope this helps, The Ref

Question: If the ball is punted directly out of bounds before it hits the ground, is it a penalty like in the CFL?

Answer:No, there is no penalty for Punting the ball out of bounds in Amateur Football at any level. The penalty for punting the ball out of bounds is strictly a CFL rule and does not apply here. Thanks for the question. The Ref